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Life’s a beach

Life’s a Beach

Israel is famous for its Mediterranean charm: sunny skies, sandy white beaches, turquoise water, mouth-watering food…we could go on and on, but we think you get the drift.

This experience is dedicated solely to exploring Israel’s waterline, discovering its fun and diverse beaches. From the gorgeous bikini clad beaches of Tel Aviv, to the historical coast of Caesarea with its Roman city and the port of king Hordus. We will continue north to the shores of Haifa and observe the wonder of the Bahai temple and gardens and from there, continue to the ancient port city of Acre where we will explore crusader palaces and underground tunnels. If time allows and you can’t get enough of this Mediterranean beauty, we will carry on to Rosh Ha Nikra, Israel’s most northern tip, where the white chalk cliffs open up into spectacular grottos and water filled caverns.

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Life’s a beach