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Culture in Israel – Culture and Performances

The New York Times has described Tel Aviv as the “capital of Mediterranean cool” Lonely Planet ranked it as a top ten city for nightlife. National Geographic named it one of the top ten beach cities. For a small country, Israel is quite the melting pot and an exciting cultural center!

There are performances, events and festivals of all kinds taking place on a daily basis. Israel’s culture is dynamic and exciting, combining Eastern ethnic and religious traditions, along with western cultural influence.  Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are considered the main cultural centers of Israel but there are many cultural events throughout the country.

With over 200 museums, Israel has the highest number of museums per capita in the world, with millions of visitors annually. The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra plays at venues throughout the country and abroad, and almost every city has its own orchestras, many of the musicians hailing from the former Soviet Union. Folkdancing is popular in Israel, and Israeli modern dance companies, among them the Batsheva Dance Company, are highly acclaimed in the dance world. The national theater, Habima was established in 1917. Israeli filmmakers and actors have won awards at international film festivals in recent years.

If you are an arts and culture enthusiast – you have reached your destination!

Culture in Israel – Culture and Performances