In the Footsteps of King David - Israeli Tour

In the Footsteps of King David

Some of us think of King David as the pale shepherd boy who killed a giant named Goliath in battle. Others know David as the Jewish king who brought the tribes of Israel together as the United Kingdom of Israel. Under David’s rule (circa 1010 to 970 B.C.), Jerusalem became known as the “City of David” and the center of government and worship.

Throughout ancient texts David is described as a mighty warrior, clever diplomat, and gifted musician. David’s personal life, however, was unstable and included adultery and the death of his own rebel son, Avshalom. The ups and downs he experienced throughout his life and the complexity of the issues he confronted earned him the titles king, poet, warrior and philosopher.

Get to know this multifaceted, enigmatic man by following his footsteps around the city of Jerusalem. We’ll learn about David – the boy, the man, the king and the philosopher who through loneliness and struggle, learned to put his faith in God.


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In the Footsteps of King David