FAQ- Tour in Israel - Israeli Tour

FAQ- Tour in Israel


Why choosing a tour operator?

Because you want your trip to be: meaningful experience and time efficient, and not to lose time on traffic, navigation, or telephones to the nearest tourist information stand.

Who are we?

We’re a small boutique company that works directly with you in order to costume make a life changing experience for you and your loved ones.

More details about our staff you’ll find here.

Why us?

Because we’re listeners. Only after hearing what your dreams, goals and wishes are, we will costume make the right suit for you. We don’t know the “copy paste” button, and that is why we take extra care in planning.

Each one of our clients is a celebrity that walks on the red carpet and deserves a VIP service.

Where are we based?

We are based at the Upper Galilee Israel and in Tel Aviv. We are native born Israelis, our families are here now for four generations, and we breathe the land and its people.

How would you know we are the right people for the trip you want?

Just watch what our past clients said about us. You can even call them, because they had great experience with us, and they like to share it.

Who are our tour guides?

We work with licensed tour guides only. Each one of them is a professional in his field, and achieved the highest standard of service. We carefully hand pick every guide or a tour operator after understanding who you are, and what are your needs.

The match making is done in order to get you the most skillful person intermediating the story of the land.

How do we start?

please go on the contact us, and leave there a message.

or you just can call us : 972-50-6388995.